Nuru Massage Powder Matsuri Makes 4L with Seaweed and Green Tea Extract - Made in JAPAN

  • Eroticgel Australia has created a much more authentic Nuru Massage Powder which now contains Seaweed Extract and Green Tea Extract. As it is water-based it is great as a personal lubricant and sex lotion. One tablespoon can make 500ml of super thick NURU Massage Gel or 1000ml of a thinner consistency. It can be stored for one week after mixing. Japanese Made.

    Depending on how much warm water is added you can create the viscosity that suits you. Simply sprinkle over warm water and mix to remove lumps. Once made it can be immediately used or can be stored for a minimum of 7 days without losing its properties.

  • * Japanese Nuru Massage Powder
    * Contains Seaweed Extract and Green Tea Extract
    * Glycerine and Paraben Free
    * Made in Japan
    * Makes up to 4L of Nuru Gel
    * Water-based
    * Easy to Clean
Receive $20