Rosebuds ALU Black M - Jet

The standard Rosebuds size since 1996!

Great for enhanced masturbation, foreplay and sex!

  • Perfectly proportioned for sensual anal play
  • Quality material for a lifetime endurance.
  • Easy insertion: smooth tapered bulb
  • Safe and comfortable for prolonged wear
  • Increases vaginal stimulation
  • Compatible with all lubes

Temperature responsive.

  • Play with it in different ways!
  • You can warm up your Rosebuds for a snug feeling or cool it down in the fridge for a chilly sensation.


  • Ergonomic and firm, easy to push in and stay in position.
  • Metal plugs do not bend like other materials.
  • The flare base makes it easy to take out and you will not risk losing it inside.


  • Easy to clean after each use.
  • Metal does not retain any odor after cleaning.
  • Comes with a branded satin bag for discreet and easy storage.

Other key benefits:

  • Very exciting for your partner. Enhance your natural beauty!
  • Feel sexy and naughty when wearing it, both in public and in private.
  • Real luxury and gorgeous product, a true anal plug jewelry.

Product dimensions:

  • Width 75mm - ø35mm
  • Main part 75x30x30mm
  • Penetrating 61mm - ø30mm
  • Weight - 70g

Metal Colored and Anodized Aluminum
Model Genuine Swarovski Crystal 27mm

Made in France

Receive $20