njoy Disco

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The njoy Disco exclusive engraved series, sequentially numbered from 1 to 1000, available while stocks last.

A testament to pleasure and artistry

The Njoy Disco is gracefully contoured, delivering 5 tailored ripples in dual sides, each with a rounded shape that *pops* like crazy as you turn the Disco side to side. This njoy dildo is ideal for fans of extreme sensation, and weighted texture.

The Disco's easy-grip base loops around your fingers, enhancing motion.

Incredibly smooth, and weighty for extra impact, 316 stainless steel is nonporous and works with all lubricant types. The slick surface glides, a fascinating contrast with njoy Disco's "Bring it" beaded design.

Enjoy graduated sizing, from slim to thick: 30mm diameter (first bead) to 50mm diameter (bottom large bead).

Firm and impactful, the Disco beaded dildo is for fans of more sensual stimulation. Suitable for vaginal use & safely flared for anal. Matching silvery storage case included.

Dimensions and Weight:
From 30mm to 50mm diameter; 20cm total length; 15cm insertable length. 1.4kg in weight.

  • Cast in 316 (medical grade) glistening stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirror shine - njoy toys are pure, smooth, completely body-safe, phthalate free, 100% non-porous and hypoallergenic.
  • Cold to the touch at first, the stainless steel warms rapidly to body temperature. For extra fun, warm or cool in a bowl of water.
  • Enjoy with your favourite personal lubricant to enhance  pleasure, but you won’t need much.
  • Clean by any means, but avoid abrasives or you'll lose that lustrous shine!
  • Designed to delight both men and women – njoy toys are lovely to share as a couple and great fun alone.
  • njoy creates objects of absolute perfection that will bring you pleasure for a lifetime.