Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss is one of the hottest sex toy brands on the market with customers going wild for their wide range of adult toys for men, women and couples.

Known for their sleek designs that are hailed as being innovative and cutting-edge, the London-based adult toy manufacturer has become a favourite for sex toys in New South Wales.

Their range of chic and sexy bedroom essentials is perfect for those wishing to spice up their bedroom time with a partner or explore solo sexual desires. Whether you want a sex toy for internal or external exploration, you are sure to find what you want with the Hot Octopuss range.

Multi Award-Winning Sex Toys from Hot Octopuss

Whether you are married, in a relationship or single, having a sex toy will completely change the way you reach orgasm.

With so many innovative products that are at the forefront of the sex toy market, it’s no surprise that Hot Octopuss has won multiple awards for their use of technology and unique spin on conventional sex toys.

Many of the Hot Octopuss sex toys we stock in New South Wales include incredible features such as:

  • State-of-the-art magnetic charging
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Waterproof materials
  • Expanding sizes to fully envelop all girths
  • Strategically placed contours and curves

Hot Octopuss products use technology and innovation to modernise sex toys for men, women and couples. All of their products are designed to be user-friendly, sensual and at the forefront of sex toys on the market.

Many of Hot Octopuss’s adult toys use PulsePlate Technology which offers a piston-like system pulse to deliver high-amplitude oscillations. Toys using PulsePlate move up and down to create a tapping-like sensation that can lead to orgasm even if the penis is flaccid.

Pulse is the perfect solution for users who are experiencing erection difficulties as well as older people who might need a little extra help to get the action started.

The World’s First Guybrator Manufacturer

Hot Octopuss quickly became a favourite for men with the release of Pulse III Duo, also known as the world-s first Guybrator. With the Pulse III Duo, you’re sure to reach climax through oscillations that are medically proven to help make men ejaculate involuntarily, even without an erection.

While Hot Octopuss Guybrators are designed as solo fun vibrators for men, they can also be used as part of couple’s play.

Music and pleasure have always gone hand in hand, so why not use that technology for spicing up your sex life? Hot Octopuss’ patented Treble & Bass Technology takes the connection between the two to the next level by utilising varying vibration frequencies similar to the beat of music.

Hot Octopuss first introduced it’s Treble & Bass Technology with the launch of JETT, which is designed to offer users a unique way to experience pleasure through sex toys. With Treble & Bass Technology, you can adjust the settings to enjoy powerful high-frequency waves or deep, rumbling vibrations.

Sex Toys For Queer, Trans and Non-Binary People In New South Wales

At MINXxx Sensual Erotic Boutique, we support the LGBTQ community and believe that everyone should have the chance to explore their bodies with sex toys. We are proud to offer a broad range of Hot Octopuss adult toys that are LGBTQ-friendly.

Hot Octopuss’ adult toy inventory is perfect for those looking to try new things and enjoy life to its fullest with non-penetrative sex toys that can be used to receive stimulation of the vulva, perineum and shorter external erectile tissue via vibrations. 

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