November 07, 2022 4 min read

The ins and outs of foreplay

In general terms, foreplay is any sexual activity that occurs before intercourse. That’s not to say that any foreplay must end in intercourse. It certainly doesn’t and it can be the main course all on its own. The intensity and activity of foreplay will depend on the individuals, and it can be great to experiment with different activities to spice up your sex life. When done right, foreplay can be extremely hot and satisfying for all involved.

Why is foreplay important?

Foreplay is extremely important! We cannot stress this enough because, so many people skip out on good foreplay to get straight to the sex. From your body’s perspective, foreplay is essentially the message to prepare your body for sex. It triggers both physiological and physical responses that can make sexual activities more enjoyable and pleasurable.

Your physiological response

At an emotional level, foreplay helps to build intimacy between couples and enhance the emotional connection felt. This is beneficial for both inside and outside the bedroom as couples feel closer and more in sync with each other.

If you’re not in relationship, you will find that foreplay still works in your favour. It lowers inhibitions which ultimately makes you feel ‘naughty’ and sex with a stranger is much hotter.  

Simply kissing your partner triggers releases of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin into your body. Their reaction helps to lower stress and increase common feelings of affection and bonding.

Your physical response

When we say foreplay gets your juices flowing, we mean that quite literally. Sexual arousal from foreplay increases your heart rate, which gets your blood flowing especially to the genital areas and promotes lubrication of the vagina, which makes intercourse easier and more pleasurable.

Tips to making foreplay more enjoyable

Improving your foreplay experience comes down to a combination of many factors, involving both you and your partner.

Take your time

Foreplay shouldn’t be rushed. Take your time and enjoy the experience. Have a heated make-out session or entice your partner with a sexy strip tease. There is no right or wrong with foreplay, as everyone is different, and it takes different things to get you going. The most important thing is to communicate with your partner and ensure you are comfortable with everything that is happening.

Try using some sex toys

Sex toys are a great way to incorporate a bit of adventure and excitement to your foreplay. Try using a blindfold for added mystery and a way to heighten your partners senses. Vibrators are a great way to prepare your genitals for sex and it feels great to stimulate the area. If you haven’t used a vibrator before, look at different options including g-spot stimulators and clitoris vibrators.

Spice up the location

Foreplay doesn’t have to happen in the bedroom. A lot of excitement and anticipation leading into foreplay can come from starting somewhere nonconventional. Maybe your partner is in the kitchen cooking; there is nothing stopping you from making a move right there and hoisting her up on the kitchen bench to start your sexual experience. The shower is also a great place to initiate sexual intimacy. Slip in together and start partying.

Get sensual with a sexy massage

Touching each other in a romantic way is a great way to initiate foreplay. Try giving your partner an erotic massage. Sculpt the body and cup it using your hands. Utilise massage oils to make your hands glide across the skin. Simply touching each other is a great way to stimulate the body and prepare for sexual intercourse, and best of all, it feels great.

Do your research

This is something that you can do in your own time and then use what you have learned when the time comes. Google is a great resource for learning about different foreplay techniques and how you can incorporate new ideas in your sex life. You can read tips and guides to help you to understand how your partners’ body works and then work together to find new things to try.

Give body mapping a try

Body mapping is essentially showing your partner where you like to be, and want to be, touched. It is not only educational but sexy. Sensually touching each other in different locations helps you figure out what turns your partner on and is going to be an enjoyable addition to your foreplay.

Incorporate role playing and fantasy

When people think of foreplay, a lot of people go straight to role-playing to spice it up and get the motor going. Whether it’s playing out your partners deepest fantasies, or roleplaying a scenario that makes both of you feel sexy, it's worth taking the time to try it and see what works for you and your partner. The whole point of role playing is to imagine you, or your partner, are someone else so that you get to experience what different scenarios would feel like. Explore different ideas and have fun.

Watch porn together

Although watching pornography may seem a little cliché, it’s a great way to get the juices flowing, and it’s even hotter when you watch it together. Just be mindful to choose videos that both parties like and find appealing and sexy.

Don’t skip out on foreplay

The biggest take away from understanding foreplay is that everyone is different and people like different things. Naturally women do take longer to warm up for sex through foreplay; men at average 6 minutes compared to women at 17 minutes. But it’s important to incorporate some form of foreplay, no matter how long, to ensure that the sex is much more pleasurable and enjoyable for everyone.

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