October 14, 2022 4 min read

Feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin with seductive lingerie

For as long as most could remember, sexy lingerie has been a bit of a taboo topic. It’s unique and different and everyone has different ideas on the term ‘sexy lingerie’. But let it be known that buying sexy lingerie is a great way to really spice up your sex life. Think of it like this, lingerie, while you may not believe it, it is similar to a sex toy. It stimulates us, it makes us feel good and for all intents and purposes, makes for a really pleasurable experience. There is actually an art to buying lingerie that makes you feel sexy. I guess it comes down to purpose and style. What you are using the lingerie for and what makes YOU look and feel sexy.

Squashing the uncomfortable nature of lingerie

Everyday lingerie is something that most women are comfortable talking about and buying. When we go to the shops, it’s common to see lingerie hanging and there is no apprehension to going into a store to look for something new. Essentially, it’s something that we all wear daily.

But when we start delving into the realm of sexy and seductive lingerie, that’s where things start to get a little uncomfortable for some. Lacey numbers that only cover a small percentage of the body or wet look leather that gives naughty vibes. It’s like it almost feels wrong. But it shouldn’t and you definitely shouldn’t feel ashamed or uncomfortable with buying a special number to spice up your sex life. Take a leap and try something new and exciting. There is absolutely nothing to be uncomfortable about!

How to pick sexy lingerie for you

Every woman is desirable and sexy in their own way, no matter her height, body shape, weight, or fitness. So, buying and wearing sexy lingerie should be an empowering experience. Whether you are daring and looking for something adventurous or looking for sweet and pretty to make you feel feminine, the choices are endless. Remember, lingerie is a personal choice, and it should be something that makes you feel sexy, beautiful, confident, and happy.

Get the right size

We can’t stress this enough. Your lingerie needs to be comfortable and the right size. There is no point investing your time and money into a garment just because it looks good on the hanger, for you to not wear it because it doesn’t fit. Take the time to get professionally fitted in your correct size and make sure your lingerie hugs you in all the right places. Be mindful of your body shape and look at options that will compliment your body. Remember, it’s your choice and as long you feel comfortable and sexy, then that’s all that matters.

Consider themed lingerie

Buying lingerie for a special occasion? Absolutely! Lingerie is a great way to indulge for special occasions. Whether it’s for Christmas, birthdays, fancy dress parties, weddings, anniversaries, or even Valentine’s day,  lingerie can make the day memorable and fun. Think about different materials and colour combinations to compliment the celebration in question. If you are buying with a significant other in mind, think about what they might get off on. If you’re role playing with themed lingerie, find ways to incorporate sex toys with your ‘costume’. Trust us when we say, themed lingerie is a great time all around!

Choose your highlight areas

The thing to remember with lingerie is that it can accentuate different parts of the body with more or less coverage. Have a think about what parts of your body you want to flaunt. If you’re wanting to emphasis your bust, go for lingerie that is lower cut in the front. If your more into rocking your booty, look for g-string or skimp underwear which will allow your bum to shine.

Set the mood

Lingerie is an experience. If you’re planning on a sexy night in with your SO, take the time to set the mood of your environment. Light some candles, pour some wine, put on your favourite sexy time music. Take some time out to get yourself in the ‘mood’. There is nothing wrong with admiring yourself in the mirror in your fabulous, sexy lingerie. Taking note of these extra little details certainly goes a long way in setting the mood for your fun night, and to think, it all starts with you feeling sexy in your lingerie.

Does it turn your significant other on?

Most people turn straight to their significant other when choosing lingerie. The first thought is generally, ‘will my SO get off on me wearing this?’. It is a valid consideration because sex is supposed to be an inclusive experience for all involved. If the answer is no, then buying a particular piece would be considered a pointless purchase. Every person is different with preferences when it comes to lingerie. Some prefer less coverage, and some prefer a classier look. Factor in what your SO likes as well as what makes you feel sexy and confident. The right lingerie can give them the ‘wow’ factor and capture attention, making for a more seductive night for both of you.

Expand your wardrobe to include a bit of sexy lingerie

When push comes to shove, lingerie is personal preference. Some women prefer to splurge with multiple sexy numbers while other prefer to have one option reserved for those special occasions. Both are completely acceptable and natural. Remember, your lingerie is only an accessory. Your sexiness comes from within through confidence. If you are confident in wearing your lingerie, it is going to come across as much sexier and seductive to your significant other. Have fun and most of all, enjoy the experience that sexy lingerie can give you!

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