Air-Tech Twist

  • Customize your Stimulation

    The Air-Tech Twist lets you tailor the tightness to your preference! Adjust the stimulation from tight to loose with a unique compression system, to create your own Air-Tech experience.

    Tickle – Rugged nubs for intense stimulation

    Ripple – Gentle waves for enhanced pleasure

    Packaged Size: 77.8×77.8×170.3mm / (D)×(W)×(H)Packaged Weight375g

    Other Info: Reusable Sample Lubricant Included

    AIR-TECH Twist FAQ

    Q Is the AIR-TECH Twist Series Reusable?
    Yes, the AIR-TECH Twist Series is reusable!
    Reusability may vary according to methods and strength of use, cleaning, storage and maintenance.
    Please ensure to wash with cold/tepid water and store in a cool, dry, dark place.

    Q How is the Twist different from the Standard and VC Series of AIR-TECH products?

    The Twist Series has an internal compression unit that allows you to adjust the tightness of the product! Now you can enjoy a variety of sensations in just one item!

    Q What’s the difference between the TICKLE and the RIPPLE?

    The custom-tightness function is the same in both, but the internal details of each item differs, with the Tickle featuring large nubs, and the Ripple featuring gentle wavy ribs.

    Q Is the AIR-TECH Twist Series electronic?

    No, the item can be enjoyed manually.

    Q Is it compatible with the Vacuum Controller?

    No, the item is not compatible with the Vacuum Controller.
    If you are interested in an AIR-TECH product that is compatible with the Vacuum Controller, please check out the AIR-TECH VC Series!

    Q How does the AIR-TECH Twist Series work?

    There is a compression unit inside the AIR-TECH Twist which you can control with the twist-top of the product. Twisting the top will change the internal tightness – there are 5 different stages of tightness to enjoy!

    Q What sizes are the AIR-TECH Twist Series – will I fit?

    Insertion Depth: Approx. 16cm
    Insertion Width: Approx. 5cm
    Hard-cased (No Stretch)

    Q How should I lubricate the AIR-TECH Twist Series? What lubricant should I use?

    Please lubricate the insertion area and inside of the Sleeve (soft material) before inserting into the AIR-TECH Twist series items..
    Please only use water based lubricants (TENGA Co., Ltd. can not guarantee best use with third party lubricants.)
    Product includes tester lubricant pouch of TENGA HOLE LOTION [REAL]

    Q How do you wash the AIR-TECH Twist Series?

    Please remove the Sleeve and wash it under running cold or tepid water, invert the sleeve to wash the inside thoroughly.
    If you wish to use soap, please use a neutral soap that has low alkaline/acid content.
    Once washed, please pat dry with a clean cloth, and ensure the Sleeve is dry before returning into the case for storage.