Brutus Stealth Chastity Cage Clear

Lock Him Up.

The Brutus Stealth Cock Cage is a male chastity cage made of durable polycarbonate. It can be perfectly adjusted to your personal size and is therefore very suitable for long term wear. The Keyholder decides whether you dare to hand over the key.

The four different sizes of cock rings are ergonomically designed and therefore very comfortable. Choose the right size either 35, 40, 45 or 50 mm diameter depending on how big the wearer is created. The lock is concealed in the body of the cage so you wont be bothered by the dangling padlock which many other chastity belts have.

The cage has a diameter of 35 mm and is hygienic and easy to keep clean due to the ventilation slots. This Stealth Chastity cage is therefore an ideal way to deny him long term access to his penis!


  • BRUTUS Polycarbonate chastity cage
  • With smoothly embedded 'stealth' lock
  • With four different sizes of cock rings so perfectly adjustable to fit well
  • Ergonomic cock rings, following the shapes of your body for durable comfort