Eroticgel Waterproof Bedding

  • Transform your bedroom into a naughty playroom with this fitted waterproof massage sheet.


    The ultra-thin and noiseless fabric provides a slippery surface for massage while protecting your mattress from stains.



    It's hypoallergenic so perfect for those with certain sensitivities, and conveniently machine-washable as well as dryer-safe.



    This box set also includes a 50ml Pepee Original lubricant and a 5g Nuru Massage Powder sachet that makes up to 500ml of Nuru Massage Gel. Both are Made in Japan and Glycerine Free.



    Please note, sheets are best used with water-based massage products and lubricants but can be used with silicone lubricants. Ensure that excess massage products or lubricants are wiped off thoroughly before washing to avoid colour running. Some colour run is to be expected on the first wash. 



  • * Provides slippery surface for massage
    * Protects mattress from stains
    * Ultra-thin
    * Noiseless
    * Hypoallergenic
    * Machine-washable
    * Dryer-safe
    * Best used with water-based products 



    85% dacron & 15% spandex with TPU lamination