Flip 0 (Zero) Gravity

Zeroing in on the possibilities of pleasure.

TENGA is proud to announce a new addition to their globally popular FLIP ZERO series – the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY!  

The FLIP ZERO GRAVITY features luxurious detailing, whose lower elevation allows you to enjoy stimulation from fast, smooth strokes unlike the slower, more indulgent movement that the larger ribs in the original series would create.  

Experience a new frontier of pleasure from the sensational FLIP ZERO GRAVITY. This new design concept provides near-effortless gliding stimulation.

Product Features

  • Available in 2 versions: White (for intricate, internal details for great sensations), and Black (for firmer, bolder details for a stronger sensation)
  • A seamless insertion point for stronger suction and reduced lubricant leakage.
  • TENGA’s unique FLIP-style design for an easy-to-clean, easy-to-dry simplicity.
  • The pressure pads allow you to squeeze in order to change internal pressure or create more suction.
  • One-way valve for a strong vacuum feel.
  • Discreet Design
  • Long lasting, durable and re-usable.
  • Dimensions: D70 × W80 × H180mm
  • Packaged Weight: 460-470g
  • Safe Non-Toxic And Phthalate-Free
  • Materials: Polycarbonate (Case and Slide Cap), Thermoplastic Elastomer (Internal Sleeve), Silicone (Pressure Pad and Anchor Ring), General Purpose polystyrene (User Manual Holder)